In which of these situations have you used a face covering in the past seven days?


  • The situation with the highest reported face covering use is while shopping (92%)
  • The next most common situation to wear a face covering is while doing errands, such as going to the Post Office (58%)
  • Less than 1 in 10 residents have worn a face covering whilst at school or college, inside venues and at the school drop-off in the past week

this chart shows that When asked about the situations in which respondents have used a face covering in the past 7 days
92% of respondents say while shopping
58% say while doing errands
48% say while travelling on public transport
41% say while at work
26% say while meeting someone from outside your household or support bubble
19% say while walking or exercising outdoors
9% say while dropping off and or collecting children from school and or nursery
7% say inside venues
7% say while at school and or college
3% say they have not used a face covering in any situation
2% say they have used a face covering in other situations

Situations where face coverings have been used in the past seven days – total sample

Base (total sample): 775