What would keep you from trying to get a test or stop you from doing so?


  • The largest proportion of residents who left comments say nothing would stop them from testing (41%)
  • The top barriers to testing are problems accessing and using tests, foe example not being able to drive to collect them (27%), or tests not being available (21%)

This table shows that when respondents were asked about what would keep them from trying to get a test or stop them from doing so
41% of respondents say nothing would stop them and or they have to test
27% of respondents say problems accessing and using tests
21% of respondents say if there are no tests available and or supply issues
5% of respondents say that they don’t see the need and or that they already isolate
4% of respondents say that they’re generally against testing and or cite the unreliability of tests
2% of respondents say a concern about testing positive
7% of respondents give other suggestions that would stop them

Barriers to being tested for COVID-19

Base (total sample): 443

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) Percentage (%)
1 Nothing would stop me / I have to test 41
2 Problems accessing and using tests 27
3 No tests available / supply issues 21
4 Don't see the need / I already isolate 5
5 Generally against testing / unreliability of tests 4
6 Concern about testing positive 2
7 Other 7