What would keep you from staying at home to self-isolate?


  • The largest proportion of residents say that nothing would prevent them from staying at home to self-isolate (51%)
  • Smaller proportions would not stay home to self-isolate due to work or education or if there was an emergency, or in special circumstances such as a serious family illness, needing urgent medical care, a fire, or a flood

When asked about what would keep respondents staying at home to self isolate
51% of respondents say nothing
13% say emergences and special circumstances
10% say work and or education
9% say they do not agree with restrictions
8% say the need for essential supplies
5% say testing negative or having no symptoms
3% say mental and or physical health
3% say carer responsibilities
8% suggest other things that would keep them from self isolating

Barriers to staying at home to self-isolate

Base (total sample): 463

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) Percentage (%)