If you have any further comments about the effect of coronavirus on you, your family or the city, please share them with us in the box below


  • Around a third of residents left further comments – anxiety, stress, and social isolation experienced as a result of COVID-19 was the main thing mentioned (31%)
  • Other residents comment that they feel local public services should do more to help, particularly with finances
  • Some residents comment on what they feel the next steps should be in terms of measures and vaccinations, such as shops continuing to require face coverings

When given the opportunity to provide further comments about the effect of coronavirus on them, their families and or their city
31% of respondents made comments about anxiety, stress and or social isolation
21% made comments about needing more help from local public services
16% made comments about coronavirus measures and or vaccinations
15% made comments about other medical concerns
14% made comments about the positive consequences of Covid-19
14% made comments about the impact on young people and or children
7% made comments about the national government and or key messages
4% made comments about being retired and or not working
5% made other comments

Further comments

Base (total sample leaving a comment): 258

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) Percentage (%)
1 Anxiety, stress, and social isolation 31
2 More from local public services 21
3 Measures and vaccinations 16
4 Other medical concerns 15
5 Positive consequences 14
6 Impact on young people and children 14
7 National government and key messages 7
8 Retired or not working 4
9 Other 5