How trustworthy do you feel the advice and information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the following sources is?


  • Respondents are mostly trusting of the advice and information they get from the council and local emergency services. They are less trusting of the information received from central government and news in the papers/ websites/ TV.
  • The NHS achieves the highest levels of trust (90%); local and national newspapers or news websites (31%) attract the lowest levels of trust.

Base from top: 1,920; 1,893; 1,896; 1,909; 1,913; 1,910; 1,914; 1,919

This chart shows that the majority of residents trust the information and advice on Coronavirus from the NHS (90%), Portsmouth City Council (75%), Fire and Rescue Service (71%) and the Police (69%). They are less trusting of information from Central Government, news on the television, and local and national newspapers or news websites.