As restrictions are lifted, how much do you expect to spend on the following compared to last year?


  • National and international retail chains, restaurants, cafes, takeaways and bars are going to be hardest hit in the coming year, along with culture and leisure activities; large proportions of residents will be spending less than they did last year, and few will be spending more.
  • The grocery market will be least affected; locally those spending more outweigh those spending less by four percentage points and nationally, the majority of respondents forecast they will spend the same as last year.

Base (top to bottom): 1,760; 1,747; 1,814; 1,755; 1,781; 1,823; 1,772

This chart shows that residents expect to spend less at national and international retail chains (50%), national and international restaurants, cafes, takeaways and bars (68%) and on culture and leisure activities (66%). Local and independent stores fare better.