What motivated you to volunteer? 


  • Of those respondents who have volunteered, the majority (67%) were motivated to volunteer because they ‘wanted to improve things/help people’.
  • The least common motivating factor for volunteering was to meet people/make friends, only 5% of this cohort selected this option.

Base (those who volunteered during the Covid-19 outbreak): 248

This chart shows that the majority of residents who have volunteered during the Coronavirus outbreak were motivated to volunteer because they wanted to improve things/help people (67%).

Key differences by demographic


Females were more likely to volunteer regardless of reason with the exception of ‘someone asked me to give help’ and ‘I wanted to meet people/make friends’ where these reasons were more common among males


Over 65’s were more likely to volunteer because the cause was really important to them than volunteers in other age groups.

The majority of young volunteers (under 25) did so to improve things and help people (91%), they were also more likely to utilise their spare time and want to use their existing skills than other age groups.