Which modes of travel are you currently using for short journeys (to a destination in the city)?


  • Residents reported predominantly walking for shorter journeys (71%) or using a car/van (53%).
  • Under one quarter (22%) of residents stated they cycled for short journeys.
  • Public transport was reported as the least common form of travel.

This chart shows that walking is the most popular way to travel for short journeys (71%) followed by car/ van (53%).

Base 1,319

Key differences by demographic


Residents with a household income of less than £19,999 per year are more likely to use public transport compared to those with higher incomes. Of those with incomes over £60,000pa 81% report walking, 58% reported using a car or van and 32% report cycling for short journeys.


Residents living in PO1 are more likely to walk for shorter journeys than those residing in other areas of the City (81%). PO3 residents are the most likely to travel by car or van (71%) compared to other residents. Those living in PO2 report the highest bus usage for shorter journeys (17%).