Which modes of travel are you currently using for long journeys to a destination outside of the city?


  • Residents reported largely using a car/van to travel longer journeys (79%).
  • Two in ten (20%) used the train for out of city journeys and 9% use the bus when travelling further.

This chart shows that travelling by car/ van is the most popular mode of travel for long journeys (79%), followed (at a much lower level) by train (20%).

Base 1,319

Key differences by demographic


Those with a household income of less than £19,999 per year are more likely to use the bus (16%) than other residents for journeys out of the city. Of those with incomes over £40,000pa (85%+) report using a car or van to travel out of the city.


Residents living in PO3 are the most likely to travel by car or van (91%) compared to other residents. Those living in PO1 report the highest bus usage for longer journeys (13%). PO6 residents are most likely to use the train for out of city travel (30%).