What would stop you from having a Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination?

This table shows that the vaccine being developed too quickly, long term side effects being unknown and already having had Coronavirus are the most popular reasons that respondents would not want to have a Coronavirus vaccination.

Base – Those unlikely to get a vaccination:122

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes)
1 Vaccine has been developed too quickly
2 The long term side effects are not known
3 Already have had Covid-19
4 People with severe allergies and on prescription medication
5 Not in a high risk category
6 Don’t like injections as a whole
7 Vaccine does not offer immunity
8 Fear of having to leave the house
9 Lack of trust in the government
Responses (showing key themes)

Key differences by demographic


Younger age groups are more likely to think they do not need to get a vaccine because they are not in a high risk group.


Females are more concerned about the long-term effects to their fertility. Males are more likely to lack trust in the government and want more transparency about how the vaccine has been developed. Although less common than females, some male respondents also express concern about the impacts to fertility.

Ethnic group

BAME respondents are slightly more likely to reference the lack of trust in the government as a barrier to vaccination compared to white respondents. It is important to note here the small number of responses to this question from BAME groups.