What would stop you from trying to get a Coronavirus (COVID-19) test?

This table shows that high levels of false positives, not trusting the testing process and the ease of getting a test are the most popular reasons why residents would not try to get a Coronavirus test.

Base – Those unlikely to self-isolate: 52

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes)
1 High levels of false positives/not trusting the testing process
2 Laborious process/test centre is far away/queuing/hassle
3 Would self-isolate without getting a test
4 Infection risk at testing centre
5 Do not trust the Government
6 Would use a test that could be used by more vulnerable/key workers
Responses (showing key themes)

Key differences by demographic


Younger age groups (16 – 44) are more likely to not trust the testing process and reference false positives.


Males are more likely to lack trust in the Government and the testing process. Females are more likely to reference using a test that could be used for someone more vulnerable/key workers.


Respondents with a disability are more likely to lack trust in the testing process.