What would encourage you to shop online from local, independent shops?


  • Shopping online from local, independent shops was commonly reported by residents to be more expensive than national/ international chains; they need cheaper and more competitive pricing to encourage residents to shop there (22%).
  • Better websites/apps that are easy to use was also a popular suggestion (17%), as well as increasing awareness and publicity of which local, independent shops are online (15%). 4% of residents thought a centralised directory specific to Portsmouth would be useful.

This chart shows that more competitive, lower or fairer pricing would encourage residents to shop online from local, independent shops (22%). Improved online functionality was also popular (17%) to make purchasing easier.

Base- those shopping ‘sometimes’, ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ online with local/ independent shops: 1,068 (showing main themes mentioned by at least 30 respondents)

wdt_ID Main themes %
Main themes %

Some of our residents have answered

“Better website experience, more choice of product and faster delivery service, better pricing.”

“From independent local shops the delivery fee would have to be less, also their products are usually more expensive than the large chains… I do shop at independent shops online for homeware or gifts but again if the delivery fee is too expensive I won’t purchase the item.”

“Knowing who they are & what’s on offer. I have no info on local, independent retailers.”